[mythtv-users] aspect ratio wrong when ripping dvds.

Jason Ferrara jason at discordia.org
Thu Jan 1 19:47:02 EST 2004

When I use mythdvd to rip some anamorphic DVDs (using anything other 
than "perfect" quality)
the resulting file has the wrong aspect ratio. The image is stretched 
vertically. Not all the way to 4:3,
but enough that things look distorted.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a setting I can change to fix 
this? When I preview the title
before ripping it looks fine.

I used xine for both playing DVDs and for playing video files in 
mythvideo. The command
I use for previewing is
xine -D -V Xv -f -g -a %a dvd://%t#compression:800
and the command for playing the ripped files is
xine -pq -V Xv -f -g ""%s""

I'm using mythv-0.13.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


- J

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