[mythtv-users] Output to HDTV

Shane Warren swlists at mit.midco.net
Fri Jan 2 00:10:40 EST 2004

I have set up a mythtv box w/ 2 pvr250's and have them grabbing stations 
from my cable provider (ntsc).  My Tv supports vga and dvi and I want to 
use myth as both a TV machine and a DVD player. 

The problem I have is that DVD's look excellent, as I hook to the TV 
using vga at 1280x720p, but TV playback looks horrible because of the 
interlaced mpeg playback on a progressive scan output.  I have turned on 
the mythtv's de-interlacer but while it does help the interlacing makes 
almost anything but still pictures unwatchable. 

I'm sure others w/ HDTV's and non HDTV cable/satellite have this exact 
problem.  I'm wondering if I get one of the GeForce4MX's that output 
VGA,DVI, and s-video, can I use the one card to output s-video and VGA 
or DVI?  I would use the s-video output for watching TV since the TV's 
de-interlacer would fix up the interlaced output, then I would problably 
use the DVI output for everything else.  This seems like it would be the 
best solution, but I'm not sure that I can get the card to switch 
between s-video and DVI (and running at different resolutions). 

Have any other HDTV owners tried something else that avoids the 
interlacing effect but maintains the excellent DVD playback, or should I 
drop the dream of using the mythtv box for playing back everything and 
just get a seperated DVD player?

Thanks for any input here.

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