[mythtv-users] MythMusic: "DecoderMAD" error ???

ben at xsusio.com ben at xsusio.com
Sat Jan 3 16:46:05 EST 2004

I'm getting this very strange error with mythmusic. Whenever I try to play
a song it gives this error in the console:

Decoder error. DecoderMAD: Failed to open input. Error 5.

I have all the required dependancies for mythmusic installed, I'm using
ver 1.3.  The only really unuual thing about my setup is that it's a
diskless client w/ everything running over NFS, running on a Via EPIA-M

I've tried playing music from commandline with mpg123 and madplay.  Both
work just fine. However, when I try to use mythmusic to play anything, it
won't play. And I can see that error when I look at the cmd-line.

Anyone know why this might be happening??

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