[mythtv-users] Choppy sound when changing channel (or just randomly)

Dan Berger dan at theidiots.org
Mon Jan 5 01:55:01 EST 2004

Hi all,
I got my homebrew IR blaster working today. Yay :D
One thing that happens though is that sound gets all choppy when I change
channels. It starts stuttering and video goes down to like 2fps. This can
last anywhere between 2 seconds to 10 seconds. This also happens at random
times while watching TV on one channel. This does not happen when I change
channels regularly on my settop box, not through mythtv.
Running Fedora, AT kernel, Athlon 2200XP, Shuttle AN35N Ultra, SB Live!
Value using ALSA 1.0.0pre2

Analog out on the sb live, and RCA audio in on the tuner


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> Dan J. Berger

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