[mythtv-users] Re:pvr-250 video resolution, quality, stability

Audio Phile da_audiophile at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 6 06:49:53 EST 2004

> I have just recently setup a system with two pvr-250
cards and I would
> like to know the following from other pvr users.

I have one PVR-250 :)

> What is your video source (e.g. cable, satellite,

Analog cable for now.

> What resolution do you record at?


> What is your bitrate and max bitrate set to?


> What is your audio sampling rate, and bitrate?

320 kbps/44 kHz

> How many gigs per hour do you get with your


> Are you happy with the results you are getting?


> I'm still trying to figure out how setup my tuners
for best results.
> As far a stability goes, what version of ivtv are
you using and what
> firmware version are you using?

No idea, whatever came w/ knoppmyth
> How is your stability with this setup?

rock solid

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