[mythtv-users] Specs

Yuri mystro at primus.ca
Wed Jan 7 22:45:24 EST 2004

Yello, I'd first like to note I'm a COMPLETE newbie to this, and although I
have been following the mailing list (in threaded nice archive on the
http://www.gossamer-threads.com/archive/MythTV_C2/Users_F11/ website) I am
still quite an idiot in this world :P

This being said, I am a student and currently live at home. Next august I'll
be moving into a new house with my parents and will hopefully be setting up
a home theatre.

With this in mind, I'd like to build an HTPC powered by Myth. My experience
with linux itself is not too great, but I get around it easily enough so
setting all of this up should Not be too much of a problem. My main issue is
actually with the hardware aspect.

I have the following parts lying around right now:

IWILL KK266 motherboard
1.33Ghz Athlon (not XP)
512MB pc133 SDRAM 

I will most likely be purchasing the PVR-250 in addition to a 160GB HDD (or
something of the like) as well as a DVD-ROM drive (maybe dvd+rw/) 

My main concern is with my existing hardware. This is hardware that I have
left over after I upgraded my machine to a 2400+ AXP on an epox board. 

Will the 1.33GHz athlon with 512mb SDram be able to handle live
television/pausing/etc. seeing as the PVR-250 should be doing most of the

If not, this motherboard is *supposedly* athlon XP ready, so I will most
likely purchase an athlon XP 1800+ and overclock it to around 2300+ (the
batch my local enthusiast store sells are known to run at around 2500MHz
with no super doper cooling) 

Also, will PC133 SDram as opposed to the latest and greatest DDR make a
significant difference?



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