[mythtv-users] nvtv or XF86config?

D Banerjee davatar at comcast.net
Thu Jan 8 09:45:56 EST 2004

Does overscan work for your tv out? It hasn't worked for me since the 43xx
build, and I see no reports to the contrary on the nvidia/linux forums.

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> Dwaine Garden wrote:
> > Simon at the Threshold wrote:
> [snip]
> >> On the flip side I found the nVidia driver easy to install and
> >> use..although I've had no joy with the latest driver (rev 5328) but
> >> the one before that the 4496 works brillantly..
> >
> >
> > I'm luckly, I have never had one single problem with any version of
> > their drivers.   5328 works like all the rest did.
> > What problems are you having?
> The script works as well as the 4496 version (although this one doesn't
> complain abot using thr GCC33 compiler (I've tried using the GCC32 as
> well). But basicly when I try and bring up the X server the nvidia
> driver fails to init. Nothing else is said just "Failed to initilize
> nvidia driver".
> I even stripped out all of the extra config I've got in my X config, but
> basicly if I attempt to load the 5328 drivers "She no work"... <Wince>
> In my playing I've also had it hang my system as well.
> Regards
> Simon


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