[mythtv-users] Pundit fan noise.

Tyler Drake mythpcjabber at ec.rr.com
Fri Jan 9 06:30:31 EST 2004

If you haven't enabled Q-FAN, it's not "a problem".  The Pundit's fan is
supposed to be that loud -- its just how its made, etc.  If you have enabled
Q-FAN and it is still that loud, at *all times*, not just sometimes, you
have a problem -- time to call ASUS =)

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>John Pullan wrote:
>>	I'm the owner of a 2.4Ghz celeron pundit box on which I'm running
>>mythtv (very nicely thank you). However, despite Q-Fan being enabled I
>>still find it noisy (the CPU/MB seem to be at 33C while the fan is
>>running at 1800). Granted, it's quiet compared to my other boxes but I
>>don't think it's really suitable to be sat in the front room next to the
>>Does anyone have any tips for reducing the noise level further or is
>>that as good as it gets ?
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>I have the same problem with my Pundit.  Although it isn't noticable
>when I am playing something with some volume.  With everything off the
>Pundit is very loud.  I haven't enabled Q-Fan, but I guess I will take a
>look at it when I get some free time.
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