[mythtv-users] Confused front-end: recorded shows are mis-identified

Keith Hanlan mythtv at hanlan.ca
Sun Jan 11 11:38:49 EST 2004

I am using Dennis Cartier's MythTV distribution for the XBox and
have a peculiar problem: the recorded program listing is

The very first show that I recorded on my server, before I set up
the XBox, shows up correctly. But everything else has names like:

mythtv:/Video/xxxxx.nuv 	<< I'm not getting this quite
				<< right but as I recall it is a
				<< valid looking nfs path to a
				<< recorded show.

It is not possible to select one of these corrupt entries but it
is able to select and view the original (x-files) episode that I
recorded before I got the XBox.

I'm assuming that the database access is configured correctly
since it properly reads the program guide and works in all other

When I run the front-end on the server itself, it behaves
perfectly (well, except for the lost frames but that's a separate

Keith Hanlan
Ottawa, Canada

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