[mythtv-users] several stations sharing a channel

Ralf Haller ralf at brap.de
Sun Jan 11 12:58:37 EST 2004

This is an issue everywhere in the world I think.

Changing the xmltv or other software for importing the program data 
would be easier than changing mythtv. However there are so many xmltv 
programs out there that all need to be changed. Writing a filter that 
reads xmltv data, combines the stations sharing one channel and writes 
updated xmltv data would be the best solution I think. Has anybody 
already done some work in this direction?

However, changing mythtv would bring be best solution.


Harry Orenstein wrote:

> This is true in the USA as well.  The solution is that the source for the
> listings for XMLTV needs to show the station as something like: OTB/TCAR
> and the listings would reflect the changeover from one channel to the
> other.
> I don't think this is a Myth issue, it either needs to be addressed on 
> the
> XMLTV list (if you use XMLTV) or wherever it is appropriate for the 
> source
> of your listings.  Myth just sets a particular frequency at a 
> particular time
> and records what is being broadcast.
> In the case I gave above my cable company changes from OTB (off track
> betting) broadcasts to Telicare (local religious programming) at some
> point.  Obvisouly if your broadcaster is changing from, say, HBO to Bravo
> on the same channel that would be more problematical.  The solution,
> however, would be the same.  The channel should be called (eg)
> HBO/BRV and the listings would be a mix of the sets of programming
> based on your broadcaster's cutover time.  I don't see how this could
> be done other than by being provided by a listings source since different
> broadcasters would most likely cutover at different times (unless, of
> course, you wanted to write SQL to take HBO and Bravo listings from
> a listings source and combine them based on a known cutover time for
> your broadcaster [or even adjust the raw XML data]).
> Sorry if I got a little verbose.  I don't really have this issue so 
> maybe I
> got a little carried away.
> -- Harry O.
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>> Subject: Re: [mythtv-users] several stations sharing a channel
>> Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2004 20:50:17 +0100
>> Belgium too.
>> On Friday 09 January 2004 15:49, Ralf Haller wrote:
>> > In Germany and maybe in other countries too it is common practice that
>> > several (only two in general) stations are sharing one channel on a
>> > timely basis. One station is broadcasting from 6am to 4pm and the 
>> other
>> > station from 4pm to 6 am for example.
>> >
>> > Currently mythtv is not able to handle this. It would be a nice 
>> feature
>> > for a future release. What do you think?
>> >
>> > Ralf
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