[mythtv-users] LIRC support flaky (both irxevent AND native)

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Sun Jan 11 19:04:14 EST 2004

Also, I just realized that the modules work fine with the remote.  It's 
only the menus and the main MythTV parts that don't work right... 
Mythmusic lets me choose music to play just fine.

Tony Maro wrote:
> For some reason my lirc support just went wacko.  Here's the thing...
> Originally I was using irxevent to trigger the keypresses.
> After a reboot and restart, suddenly the remote was not working right. 
> It ALWAYS takes the first button press after starting the frontend but 
> after that there's like a one in 50 chance that the button presses will 
> be used.
> Lirc is working fine with MPlayer using irxevent.  It's only missing 
> keys on mythfrontend.
> This just started.  Here's the things that changed for me, but I can't 
> pin down what triggered it because it was all changed the same day:
> Updated from CVS.
> Installed the backend freeze fix.
> Installed new 27" TV
> Rebooted myth box (actually, accidentally unplugged box while installing 
> TV...)
> noticed extremely flaky remote, thought it was positioning of receiver, 
> or resolution changes I did to the LiveTV settings.  Found it flaky even 
> in main menus and did more tests to find above.
> I recompiled mythtv to have native lirc support and tested using that 
> instead of irxevent and still have the same problem.

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