[mythtv-users] blurred playback w/ PVR-250

Peter Lee petel at cs.cmu.edu
Mon Jan 12 08:42:43 EST 2004

On Mon, 12 Jan 2004, Audio Phile wrote:
> When viewing captured video or live TV, I see what I
> can only describe as "dropped frames" on the high
> motion scenes.  In other words, if something is
> "moving fast" in the show, like scrolling credits or a
> fast fight scene for example.  The video does not move
> fluidly, rather it's a bit choppy.  I know I'm not
> dropping frames because my PVR-250 is doing all the
> encoding work; plus everything else looks fine -- it's
> just the fast motion scenes.  I think my problem might
> be in the recording settings.  Has anyone else
> experienced this?
> I'm capturing analog cable using MPEG-2 PS, 5500 kbps
> / 7000 max; audio settings are 320 kbps/44 kHz.  The
> rest of the hardware is as follows: ASUS A7N8X-VM, AMD
> 1900+ tbird / 512 meg RAM (PC2100), seagate 8 meg
> cache 160 gig drive running Knoppmyth R4 and patched
> to 0.13 of mythtv.

What video card are you using.  Some of us are experiencing image tearing
when trying to run twinview mode on nVidia GF4 MX cards.  Check out, for

For me, the only fix I've been able to find is to disable twinview.
Luckily, my plasma TV monitor has a vga input, so that's what I'm using.
Otherwise, I suppose the thing to do is set up the svideo out to be the sole
video out.  Or, better yet, find out that actually I have some setup problem
and that twinview is OK...


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