[mythtv-users] SPDIF audio stopped working

Chris Germano netslayer at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 13 16:32:40 EST 2004

Ya my Audigy card and ALSA version doesn't like those settings. I've done
some research and this is a bug, someone mentioned it on the list here with
no response:
So can someone who knows of a solution/fix or whatever to this post it?
After running ogle with a config set to
<name>iec958:AES0=0x2,AES1=0x82,AES2=0x0,AES3=0x2</name> I can no longer get
MythTV to output anything to my SPDIF, while ogle and mplayer work just
fine. I've rebooted, and started/stopped ALSA a ton of times. I have even
restored a asound.state from my other mythbox with another Audigy in it that
fortunetly has never had ogle run on it. However nothing I do seems to get
my sound back, any ideas?

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