[mythtv-users] does closed captioning work?

David jeske jeske at chat.net
Fri Jan 16 12:05:01 EST 2004

Alright, I have my hauppauge IR remote working now. I'm knocking off
the remaining stuff one by one. My next challenge is getting closed
captioning working.

I've found various indications that closed captioning worked as early
as version 0.9. I see the key to turn it on in keys.txt. However,
when I press "T" nothing happens. I would expect to get a "captioning
on" message, even if the program has no caption support. I'm using
the apt-get 0.13 version per the Redhat 9 instructions.

I didn't see anything in the faq. Searches turned up just a few
really old messages talking about ivtv adding capture support, and
someone "busy adding capture support" to myth one year ago yesterday.

Do I need to do something special? I think all my data is still
rtjpeg, but does the closed caption data get preserved when
mythtranscoding to mpeg4?

- David

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