[mythtv-users] Running X on PVR-350s Framebuffer

Steve Dwyer stevedwyer at ntlworld.com
Sun Jan 18 17:45:32 EST 2004

> > I recently got my PVR-350. I easily managed to get it capturing fine and
cat /dev/video0 > test.mpg was producing a beautiful quality mpeg file. I
also managed to get the PVR-350 decoder to work too, using dd if=/dev/video0
of=/dev/video16 bs=64k and the TV-Out was also really good Quality.
> >
> > Next was to try and get X to display on the PVR-350s framebuffer. Once I
had changed the XF86Config I rebooted and to my surprise it actually
*almost* managed to display on my TV. On the TV I could just see the KDE
flash screen although it was huge and there were big fat white lines going
diagonally down the screen. (Please Note im in the UK so im using PAL)
> >
> > So I tried fiddling around a bit and somehow i managed to stop the ivtv
module from being loaded automatically. Its section is still in
/etc/modules.conf but when i reboot i have to load in manually meaning that
any attempt to boot X onto the framebuffer fails because /dev/fb0 won't
> >
> > Does anyone know how i can fix this? Both the module problem and the X
problem. I have included copies of my XFreee86 Config and my modules.conf
> Your output is not set to PAL.
> Your modules.conf has the two lines:
> options ivtv ivtv_debug=1 mpg_buffers=90 ivtv_pal=1
> options ivtv dec_yuv_buffers=20
> Change that to:
> options ivtv ivtv_debug=1 mpg_buffers=90 ivtv_pal=1
> add options ivtv dec_yuv_buffers=20
> or:
> options ivtv ivtv_debug=1 mpg_buffers=90 ivtv_pal=1 dec_yuv_buffers=20
> Otherwise the second line will replace the options given on the first
> line.
> Torsten
> -- 

I have now changed that, but that still doesnt solve my problem that ivtv
and ivtv-fb is not loaded before X tries to use the frambuffer /dev/fb0. Any


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