[mythtv-users] install of mythtv-suite under fedora errors

Jarod C. Wilson jcw at wilsonet.com
Tue Jan 20 21:10:48 EST 2004

On Jan 20, 2004, at 8:35 AM, Darren Mak wrote:

> I followed your guide to the T up until this point, so unless some of 
> the
> Fedora options I chose setup that repo I have not idea how that got 
> there.
> Might you be able to point me in the direction to fix this?

I've got a freshly installed FC box I'm in the process of updating 
everything on, so I'll keep a lookout for that one. Like Jim suggested, 
it may be something that came from a repo Axel just added to his 
default apt sources.list, as he has a new release as of yesterday....

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> On Jan 19, 2004, at 21:58, Darren Mak wrote:
>> Plugging my way through Jarod's Guide. When I get to the install of
>> myth
>> tv, all of the pages seem to download and I get an error as listed at
>> the bottom.
> [snip]
>> [root at backend1 mythtv]# apt-get install mythtv-suite
> [snip]
>>         file /usr/share/themes/Default from install of
>> redhat-artwork-0.88-1.fdr.1.1 conflicts with file from package
>> gtk2-2.2.4-5.1
>>         file /usr/share/themes/Default from install of
>> redhat-artwork-0.88-1.fdr.1.1 conflicts with file from package
>> gtk+-1.2.10-28.1
>> E: Error while running transaction
>> Any Ideas?
> I've not seen that fdr-tagged package get pulled in before. Do you have
> some additional apt repos defined? My system, with all the normal
> ATrpms-enabled repos all just updated, only kicks back the one included
> w/FC from FreshRPMs, so I suspect you've got some additional
> non-compatible repos enabled...

Jarod C. Wilson, RHCE

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