[mythtv-users] Filling TV-Out screen?

Joshua Pollak pardsbane at offthehill.org
Wed Jan 21 23:27:52 EST 2004


I've finally gotten my MythTv Box working, as far as I can tell, though 
the mythbackend does randomly die sometimes. I haven't fully debugged 
that. One thing I can say is that disabling acpi (with the kernel 
parameter acpi=off) was a big help.

Anyway, I have a Shuttle SK41G with a ProSavage card and a WinTV-D. The 
video output quality from this setup is so far leaving something to be 
desired. My big issue right now is that the displayed video does not 
use up the full screen on the TV. I'm currently running in 800x600 
mode, and letting the video card scale appropriately on the TV-out 
port. I've connected the s-video tv-out port on the PC to an RCA jack 
on the TV (using a conversion cable that came with the PC's video 

Is there a better way to setup X11 so that the output will be the 
correct mode for the TV to start with? Something resolution that better 
matches the NTSC signal? Right now the vertical is filled in fairly 
well, but there is a fair amount of black area to the left and right of 
the screen.

I found some modelines out on the web, but when I start X, it throws 
them away saying 'hsync out of range').

Here is the relevant snippet of my XF86Config file:

Section "Monitor"
         Identifier   "TV"
#       HorizSync       30-50
#       VertRefresh     60
         HorizSync       30-85
         VertRefresh     50-160
         ModeLine "720x480i" 13.59 720 727 791 864 480 484 487 525 
interlace -hsync -v
         ModeLine "800x480i" 15.10 800 808 879 960 240 242 244 263 
interlace -hsync -v

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