[mythtv-users] lirc with just an irblaster following Jarods Fedora guide

laity at nb.sympatico.ca laity at nb.sympatico.ca
Fri Jan 23 08:23:10 EST 2004

I installed mythtv following Jarods guide for Fedora Core.  It does 
install lirc but I only want to use the irblaster portion (via serial port) 
which doesn't appear to be present.  As lirc is already installed I 
don't see any way of telling it which driver to use.  Is there a way of 
doing this short of uninstalling lirc and reinstalling from source?  If 
uninstall is necessary is their an easy clean way to completely 
remove it so there are no hiccups when doing the setup/make and 
make install?


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