[mythtv-users] Playback acceleration

Steve Frank steve.frank at bevcore.com
Fri Jan 23 17:11:34 EST 2004

> I have a question regarding playback.  My current MythTV 
> setup uses a WinTV
> 401 card for capture and I'm outputting via VGA from my 
> Voodoo 5500 AGP card to my TV using a VGA to NTSC converter 
> that works much better for my rear projection TV than any 
> TV-OUT I've found.

What model/brand are you using? I'm considering this route because I
cannot find a tv-out worthwhile.

> I have an ATI All-in-Wonder Raedon that I ripped out in place 
> of the WinTV
> 401 because of the unsupported capture features of the card.  
> I'm considering putting it back in because it provides 
> hardware acceleration of MPEG via XvImage.
> If I substitute my ATI card for my Voodoo 5500 using the 
> gatos drivers, will I still enjoy the MPEG acceleration on 
> the VGA output as opposed to the TV output?

I'm sure I'll be corrected if wrong, but the TV output of the card
basically takes a snapshot of what the VGA side is producing and puts it
in a format the TV can use. In other words, internally your video card
is processing with all the acceleration the chip can muster, so you
shouldn't see any performance degredation in terms of output.

> Also, does it matter if I'm capturing TV using MPEG-4 vs. 
> RTJPEG in terms of applying this acceleration.
> Thanks,
> Kevin


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