[mythtv-users] SN41G2 - notsogood for Myth

W David Handy whandy at wam.umd.edu
Wed Jan 28 13:51:34 EST 2004

I had some initial problems installing myth on my sn41g2 using Jarod's
guide, mostly due to using an M179, but now it is working perfectly.
The only unresolved issue I have is a very strange delayed audio
corruption when I'm using zsnes (alsa w/ intel8x0 drivers, if I use
nvaudio with OSS it takes a lot longer, but still eventually screws up).
Basically the sound effects gradually get delayed, and then the music
completely gets screwed at a certain point.
I never have had any issues with the nforce2 drivers; although lately I
have had to set IGNORE_CC_MISMATCH when recompiling the 4363 or 4496
graphics drivers (I don't have to do this with the 53xx whatever the
number is drivers, it's strange).
None of my issues have occurred directly as a result of choosing the
sn41g2, as far as I can tell.  Sounds like you're just having one issue
with the sound card inputs, although that does seem to be a major issue
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I got the Shuttle SN41G2 planning on using it with myth but it's been
giving me a lot of problems, so beware! First, for some reason I
couldn't get the nvidia nForce ethernet drivers to recompile after
switching to an AT kernel following Jarod's guide (kept getting
unresolved errors). Somehow though, it started working with the new
kernel one day - I'm still not sure what I did. I'm not complaining :)
But the bigger problem is that the line-in on the Shuttle does not work
- it's supposed to be a dual connector that can do either line-in or
rear speakers-out, but it's not (this is an issue for all SN41G2's). My
leadtek tv2000xp deluxe doesn't do btaudio, nor does it have an internal
connector so I'm going to have to try to hack together a 3.5mm line from
outside the case from the leadtek to a mpc cd-in line to inside on the
motherboard. I'm not sure if that'll work, we'll see...
So the SN41G2 looks good for myth at first (it is a great-looking case),
but there are other issues with it... then again, this may be a reason I
*have to* get a PVR-250. :)
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