[mythtv-users] Re: controlling mythtv using the /dev filesystem?

Mark Henman mythtv at henmanfamily.com
Thu Jan 29 18:26:54 EST 2004

Check out xtrapchar, it was designed to bridge the gap between an Xserver and 
auxillary input mechanisms.

On Thursday 29 January 2004 16:01, Matthew M Murphy wrote: 
> Johannes, 
> I have looked into mythweb and have it working (it's great!). 
> Palmvnc is a good idea which I'll have to look into. 
> I just wish there were a way to change the channel from the command 
> line somehow... 
> Does anyone know how lirc integrates with mythtv to change the 
> channel?  I read through the FAQ but before I start looking at code I 
> might as well ask. 

Well, LIRC could work one of 2 ways with Myth: 

(1) using irxevent.  This simply receives LIRC commands, translates them 
to X-Events, and sends those events to the designated window. 

(2) using Myth's built-in LIRC support.  This polls the LIRC device for 
events, and translates those events into user actions. 

Either way, I suppose it might be possible to create a 'dummy' LIRC 
device that, instead of presenting config strings built from an IR 
signal, would simply be a FIFO that another (controller) process would 
write into, and which Myth or irxevent would read from.  You'd have to 
do a little bit of research into LIRC. 

An even better approach (if you're a programmer) would be to give Myth 
the ability to read commands from a pipe or FIFO.  Shouldn't be that 
hard now that the LIRC support & configurable user actions 
infrastructure is in. 


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