[mythtv-users] myth thinks it's recording something when it's not

Matthew M Murphy mmmurf at umich.edu
Sat Jan 31 01:55:03 EST 2004

Hello:  I just got mythtv up and running, and it worked fine to record a
few shows.

However, during my testing the frontend and backend processes were killed
a number of times, and now when I try to watch live tv, it says that
mythtv is using all available inputs for recording.  It recommends
deleting the offending recording so that the input will become available

There didn't appear to be any conflicting recording going on at present,
but I deleted all of the recordings anyway, and yet the message still pops
up when I try to watch live tv.

I even restarted the backend and frontend, and rebooted the computer.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can get it back up and running


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