[mythtv-users] couple of multituner questions

Darren Mak mythtv at digitalweb.ca
Sat Jan 31 17:17:58 EST 2004

Hi there... Here is a little bid of an addendum to Tim's post...

I have two tuner cards as well. A PVR-250 and an ATI TV Wonder. I have
Digital Cable.

98% of the time I want to record one or two programs at the same time on the
analog portion of the digital Cable. IE not going through the set top box.

For this I would setup one source (Shaw Cable) and associate it with both
tuner cards.

>From what I have been reading, the first card listed in the setup records
first and the second card records if a second program is available.

I also would like to record every once in a while through the set top box a
digital channel. However Shaw Cable does not enable the serial port but the
firmware on my box allows me to manually set a timer on the cable box. I
have no problem with the idea of setting it to record on both the cable box
and myth. I do not at this point want to use an IR Blaster. Just one more
thing to go wrong at this point.

Would I be best off to setup a second source and edit it to include just the
digital channels? Would this appear as I went through the program listings
then as channels 1-125 even though some channels were on the analog source
and some on the digital source?



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So, I added another tuner to my mythtv.

They are both working ok but I have a couple of questions
in mythtvsetup - do I need to have seperate source for each card or can 
I just setup 1 source and point both card at it.
ie cable 1 and cable 2

Since I did 2 sources is that why mythweb shows 2 of every channel?

If so and If I only need one source what is the easiest way to remove 
the second source?

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