[mythtv-users] nuvexport/chapterize -> dvd

Paul Woodward paul_woodward at fastnet.co.uk
Wed Jul 14 08:34:08 EDT 2004

That looks great, one question thought, is there any way to set the frame picture? Can you browse the film in edit mode or somthing and pick a frame you like?Paul

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>> > 
>> http://mysettopbox.tv/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=1695&highlight=create+dvd+men 
>> u 
>> > It automates the whole process and seems to have a addin for MythWeb. I 
>> have 
>> > not used it yet but I am going to give it a try. 
>> and only works with the pvr-x50 cards. But this definitely looks like a 
>> good starting point for me. Maybe I will be able to simply expand it to 
>> work with normal nuv files, since this looks to be pretty much exactly 
>> what I'm looking for. 
>> nuvexport could also probably do for a small upgrade to be able to track 
>> its error messages, etc., and then work via a mythweb interface. I just 
>> didn't want to do this because there was talk of getting mythtranscode 
>> to take the place of nuvexport. However, I haven't heard anything from 
>> anyone working on this, so maybe I should just bite the bullet and 
>> update nuvexport. 
>I would most certainly would use this feature, unfortunately I lack the 
>skills to build such a thing myself (I'm already very proud of myself 
>getting mythtv to work). If you would develop something like that, you'd 
>have at least one happy user ;-) 

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