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Sat Aug 6 23:28:40 UTC 2005

I've been thinking about a PDA turned into a RC, since it can be used a 
bit more diversly. Problem is that I don't know how well "good" it is as 
an RC, never tried, I mean how good the feel, etc is. The funny thing 
about RC's is that an RC is a lot harder to make than it seems, it 
really needs thought if you want it to be good, and I'm annoyed by every 
product giving their own RC, instead the price could be dropped, and 
with the saved money everybody could buy one good RC, instead of all 
these crappy RC's I have my home full of ;-)

But does anybody have experience with PDA's as an RC ?

> *I'm getting to the stage with my Myth box where I should think about 
> something other than a PS/2 keyboard to control it. I've managed to beat 
> LIRC into enough of a bloody pulp to register button presses in xmode2, 
> so it's time to pick a device.
> I was wondering if anyone had any particukar experiences or 
> recommendations to make. I like the look and style of the One-For-All 
> Kameleon series, but they're expensive and only the (old) URC-8060 has a 
> config file on the LIRC website.
> Any suggestions?
> --Jo Shields
> *
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