[mythtv-users] PVR 350, closed captioning, commercial detection

Jesse Guardiani jesse at wingnet.net
Mon Aug 8 17:54:18 UTC 2005

Scot L. Harris wrote:

>On Mon, 2005-08-08 at 11:16, Robert Kulagowski wrote:
>> > A commercial flagging process is run after a show completes recording.
>>Commerical flagging now starts shortly after a program starts recording 
>>and stays behind real-time.  Once the program finishes recording the 
>>commerical flagger will go to "full speed", so the last 5 minutes don't 
>>necessarily take 5 minutes to flag.
>This is in 18?

Yeah, in fact, it's in the latest KnoppMyth: R5A16. I just checked. Sure 
enough, it wasn't turned on,
so maybe my commercial flagging will work as expected now. If not, I'll 
check the logs as IvanK

And thanks to Chris for the excellent break down of commercial detection 
methods! Great info!

Thanks everyone!

Jesse Guardiani
Programmer/Sys Admin
jesse at wingnet.net

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