[mythtv-users] ivtv driver update

Marty Ravell mythtv at rave-tech.com.au
Wed Aug 10 09:21:05 UTC 2005

Brilliant! Will have a play with this.

Thank you very much for some great information.

I'm thinking of putting this sort of thing (and some of my experiences to
date) into some simple pages on a website. Perhaps even get it linked across
with Jarod's stuff.

Should I manage to get things going with your described methods would you
object to them being immortalized in such a fashion? I imagine that there
are a lot of people just getting into Myth via such resources as Jarod's
Guide and going that extra step of trying out newer drivers is bound to be
popular. Not all of us are Linux wizards (unfortunately) and I find guides
really useful.

Some will say that messing with drivers should be left to those who know
what they are doing a little better than I but hey my view is "If it ain't
broke, break it, upgrade it and make it better". I end up learning heaps and
as long as I have fall-back procedures I can keep the WAF high.


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