[mythtv-users] Suspend2Ram and mythfrontend

Alex Halovanic halovanic at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 04:51:25 UTC 2007

Actually, I don't have any AGP modules.  I've finally traced the
problem to my DVD drive.  Any attempt to access the device in any way
after the resume causes the freeze.  There's nothing in the syslog to
indicate that something went wrong on the resume, and messing about
with loading and unloading the ide-cd, and cdrom modules at various
points have gotten me nowhere.  The drive is still powered, as I can
eject the tray.  Both of my hard drives, one of which is on the same
cable, perform perfectly.  I guess I might try juggling about IDE
devices to see if anything changes.  Does anybody have a working S3
suspend with this motherboard?

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