[mythtv-users] Is the Digital Future bleak?

Dean Collins Dean at cognation.net
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Hmmm I think if anyone can predict the future of television in 2 years
they would be out doing it. (Fios-Sat?-Apple? White band pirate


To be honest I think a lot will change in two years so enjoy your
Mythbox until then and don't worry as you'll always be able to ship it
off to Elbonia (or use everything apart from the tuner as a really basic
server of some kind).




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My neighbor has recently gotten a high dev TV, so now we are considering
it as well.  Envy is a nasty thing, but what can you do?  So, I have
been reading thru the wiki and various HD threads in order to figure out
what adjustments would need to be made to our current MythTV setup.   

Now I am wondering if its something that I really want to pursue.  From
what I can gather, the HD tuners can only receive unencrypted channels,
of which there are a handful (less than 10) in most areas, usually only
Discovery and the OTA channels.  Further there is no guarantee, in fact
it is likely, that these channels will be encrypted in the next few

So, in two years, when we all go digital, I will be forced to place my
MythBox (lovingly) into my storage closet and rent a DVR from

Is this an accurate assessment of the situation? 


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