[mythtv-users] Is the Digital Future bleak?

jason maxwell decepticon at gmail.com
Sat Jun 2 00:15:59 UTC 2007

The cost to go to pure digital (ignoring the cost of the TV--since you

> need it for both) is relatively small (if you can actually get a
> 480i/480p digital TV signal).  Going to HDTV is still relatively
> expensive.  You'll need a good processor and--most importantly--/lots/
> of storage.  (I'm starting to think my Athlon X2 4800+ needs upgrading
> so I can do HDTV at 1.5x timestretch--although I'd really like 1.75x
> since that's where I watched almost all of my SDTV.  So, how much do you
> think those Phenom's/FASN8's will be?  Or does anyone know if an X2
> 6000+ will do it?)

I have an Athlon 64 4200+ X2 playing a "planet earth" episode timestretched
at 2x as I'm typing this. I'm running Ubuntu edgy 64. I built an smp kernel
myself, but there's nothing special about it. I've got myth deinterlacing
and resizing the stream to 720p which is native for my TV. I can actually
watch HD timestretched while comflagging a couple of other shows
simultaneously with no skipping or choppiness of any kind. This is w/o the
use of XvMC also. I would think your box could do the same, if not better.
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