[mythtv-users] Is the Digital Future bleak?

Dean Collins Dean at cognation.net
Sat Jun 2 02:36:48 UTC 2007

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> > I am also, probably naively, opimistic that either a) cable and
> > satellite distributors will realize that there's no point in adding
> > complex encryption technology, or b) that eventually there will be a
> > system-agnostic cable-card type solution that will work on any
> > platform. After all, we're not trying to steal anything -- we
> > pay for it.
> >
>  	Doubtful.  Cable companies REALLY like all the control that
> to rent cable boxes grants them.  That's the reason why CableCard was
> crippled so much out of the gate.  Everyone with a financial interest
> wanted to get their grubby paws on it and f*ck it up so they could
have a
> little more control.  In the end, it's broken... just like

Yep exactly - go read my post about CableCard/CHILA on my blog a few
days ago www.Collins.net.pr/blog 

The Media Companies are scared but at the same time they really are
screwing themselves badly.


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