[mythtv-users] Hauppauge 350 dvd playback no sound

robinlee_r at yahoo.com robinlee_r at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 5 02:15:26 UTC 2007

Hi again, 

I followed the procedure to link the audio out from the 350 to the line in of the on board card, and still nothing, no sound.

There is a part on the setup from the frontend, that if I don't have the option "use pvr 350 for audio output only" selected, then I get from the watch Tv option an error message saying that audio output device /dev/adsp" no sound at all, if I change it to /dev/dsp then I do get sound from the watch tv option, but still no sound from the Dvd playback.

Am I missing something with the sound setup?

robinlee_r at yahoo.com wrote: Hi Jonathan,

Thank so much again for your time and explanations

I would need to get a connector for the sound card tonight, I would update the results once I get the proper connector for the on board input.


Jonathan Rogers <jonner at teegra.net> wrote: On Mon, 2007-06-04 at 07:07 -0700, robinlee_r at yahoo.com wrote:
> Hi Jonathan,
> Thanks for your explanation, now I see how it works. Now, I remember
> somwhere along the setup I selected an option that said something
> about selecting the pvr 350 for sound and video and the /dev/video16,
> I remember that one of the option comments said that this would allow
> this to output all video and sound through the 350 card, should I
> disable this option?, I am still kind of lost with the sound setup on
> myth, this  weekend was my first time setting it up.

If you have a PVR-350, you almost certainly want to enable TV playback
through it (Use the PVR-350's TV out/MPEG decoder), since this is likely
to give you the best video quality. However, this does mean that the
sound will come out of the PVR-350. If you only want TV recording
playback, you can connect the PVR-350 sound output directly to the TV
(or amp or whatever your speakers are connected to).

On the other hand, if you want to be able to hear sound out of the
machine from any other source, such as MythDVD, MythVideo, or MythMusic,
the setup is slightly more complex, since sound will be generated by at
least two different pieces of hardware in the computer. The typical
solution is to loop the analog sound output from the PVR-350 through the
other sound device, which will mix it with its own output. To make this
work, you may need to adjust levels and switches for the other  sound
device, for which you can use the alsamixer program.

Also related to this configuration is the option under "Use the
PVR-350's TV out/MPEG decoder" called "TV audio through PVR-350 only".
If this is enabled, MythTV won't try to adjust the volume for TV
playback, since the PVR-350 has no built-in volume control. However, if
this option is disabled, MythTV assumes that you're looping the audio
through the other sound device, in which case volume can be adjusted
using that device's mixer. In any case, you can adjust volume of the
sound at the final amplifier, whether in a TV or a separate receiver.
Jonathan Rogers 
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