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Steve MacLaren scram69 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 21:09:51 UTC 2007

I also have 5x500gig SATA drives, set up with software RAID 5 for a
1.5TBstorage array with one as a spare.  Mounted the array as
/var/lib/mythtv -
seems to work just fine for HD playback.

On 6/7/07, David Mythtv <mythtvdc at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>      I'm looking for some suggestions and opinions on a decent way to
> setup the RAID on my backend.  I'm looking to setup a decent amount of
> storage to record HD on my backend.  I have one HD2000 pcHDTV PCI card and
> one HDHomerun unit to provide content.  For storage I'm looking to go with
> five 500 gig SATA II drives.  The dilemmas are software vs hardware RAID 5
> and the total number of drives to utilize.  I've read that software RAID is
> very mature and works well under Linux.  I've only ever used Linux software
> RAID levels 0 and 1.  If you recommend hardware RAID, what are the decent
> cards that don't cost an arm and a leg?
>      My thought for software RAID 5 is to use five drives: three for the
> stripe, one for parity,and one hot spare to give me about 1.5 TB.  Does
> software RAID work sufficiently well to take advantage of the hot spare?  My
> other thought is to just use four drives with a hardware RAID card.  Is that
> too much of a risk not having the hot spare?  I'm leaning towards Seagate
> drives because they come with a 5 year warranty.  I like the peace of mind
> of knowing that my array is covered for 5 years.  My fear with going with a
> four drive hardware RAID is losing a second disk before the first disk has
> been replaced by Seagate.  I could always use the five drive model even with
> hardware RAID.
> I'm anxious to hear what everyone thinks about my proposed setup.  I'm
> going to send another email soon asking for recommendations on a motherboard
> for this backend.  I'd like to order my parts in the next week or so and
> finally get going with Mythtv.
> Thanks in advance to all that respond,
> David
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