[mythtv-users] Fedora 7, is all in order yet?

David Cramblett david at functionalchaos.net
Mon Jun 11 22:47:17 UTC 2007

David Krainess wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was planning on re-installing Fedora 7 (I guess it would be abbrievated as F7 now) today, is all OK.  I read a post from a week or so ago that there may be an issue with the kernel and tainted something or other.  Surprised there isn't much chatter about this new release or postings on the Fedora HOWTO site.
> Anybody running F7, MythTV, with Nvidia succussfully?

I built my first MythTV machine last night. I used F7 and the myth rpms 
from atrpms. I have an Nvidia FX5200, MSI model. I used a Dell 20" Wide 
Screen from my initial configuration and then moved the system into my 
Home Theater and hooked it up to my BenQ PE7700 projector.  Both worked 
great with the nvidia rpms from atrpms.  I never had to change anything 
in my xorg.conf, X detected the proper resolution for both display 
devices.  I don't have any tuners in the machine at this point as I have 
a Dish Network Dual tuner HDTV/DVR receiver, so it was not a high 
priority. Planning on trying the HD Home Run soon.

I did rip several Audio CD's in mp3 and flac format, sevral DVD's in ISO 
format and setup xmame and generator with a few roms in myth game.  All 
was working great.

Myth Weather was not pulling down any weather information when set for 
my location, but I have not looked into that much yet.

Need to setup everything to go to SPDIF when I get a chance, just using 
the stereo jack for now.

I also had purchased a 15' DVI -> HDMI cable for my projector, but there 
were some small grainy white line artifacts all over the screen.  They 
were the kind from a lousy video cable though, not bad setup.  I quickly 
switched to a HD15 -> RGB cable that came with my projector and the 
artifacts were gone, although the image is not as good from the vga 
output as was DVI, of course.  All my other equipment is routed through 
my AV gear using component video and then to my projector.  I think I 
will get a DVI -> component like the one mentioned in the wiki, etc.

Nice work to all of the developers!



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