[mythtv-users] video capture+display card query

David Watkins watkinshome at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 12:11:23 UTC 2007

> Questions:
> I will need a scart converter  for the sky box- what it is best to
> convert to: S-video? composite?

S-Video gives a higher quality signal than composite.  Whether this is
discernable will depend on your source, but given the choice between
the two, go for S-Video.
> What is the best choice of capture card for the above ( I think I need
> one that has built in MPEG encoding)  e.g. WinTV-PVR-250 or WinTV-PVR-150 ?

Either of the above choices would be good and are well supported by mythtv.

> For the graphics card. It seems like the nvidia 7300 series is favoured
> here
> * Is there an advantage going with a graphics card when the motherboard
> already has  VGA-out that can be plugged into the TV?

The generic linux 'nv' graphics drivers can be a bit 'sucky' for
mythtv.  The alternatives (nvidia, unichrome etc etc) are chip
dependendent so may not be suitable for all motherboards.
Motherboards using the nvidia 6150 video chipset seem to be popular as
'on-board' graphics drivers for myth systems.

> * is a card with a dedicated HDMI socket worth it? Can it for example
> sent audio to the TV via the HDMI cable? * Any advantage using the HDMI
> as opposed to the vga connector on the TV?

In theory there shouldn't be much difference between HDMI and VGA.
Some TVs handle the VGA and HDMI inputs differently with regards to
maximum resolution, overscanning etc.

I'd be very suprised if you could send audio down a HDMI cable.  How
would it get through the graphics card?

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