[mythtv-users] Requesting help setting up HDHomeRun

Brian Walter blwalter at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 14:37:50 UTC 2007

Bob Diss wrote:
> Kirk,
> Yes, I've been following your thread closely, and have
> been playing along at home.  That's partially how I've
> gotten to the point I'm at now. :-)
> Sorry, no Windows, but I am able to use their
> Mac-based HDHRControl app.  It lets me tune channels
> and watch via VLC.  The channels I'm trying to setup
> are viewable with this tool.  I also use the
> hdhomerun_config tool, which is able to do a complete
> channel scan.
> To reiterate, in my setup the MythTV channel scanner
> does not able to find _any_ channels.  The scanning
> process completely fails.  This seems to be different
> from other posters, as I'm not able to get any
> starting point created from which to work.  This is
> why I'm so interested in finding someone who would
> post at-least one set of working dtv_multiplex and
> channel records, so that I could compare with what
> I've manually created.
> One sticking point for me is the "sourceid" column. 
> You can find it in both the dtv_multiplex and channel
> tables.  I'm not sure if this is a foreign-key
> reference to another table, and if so, to which table,
> as there are a few possibilities.  I think it's a FK
> to videosource.sourceid, but I'm not sure.
> I thought I was getting there when I saw the "Partial
> Lock" message, but I don't know what to examine next. 
> It's just close...
>> Kirk Bocek wrote:
>> Bob you might check the archives for my recent
> thread 
>> on the HDHR. I've been getting some great help from
>> Daniel, Bill, Mr. Newbury and everyone else.
>> Have you been able to tune channels using the
> Windows 
>> GUI app they provide? It does a great job of showing
>> encrypted vs. unencrypted channels and it also gives
>> details like service IDs. That's how I was able to
>> see that Myth was missing a few channels.
>>> Bob Diss wrote:
>>> I've been having a hard time getting my HDHR
>>> configured properly.
Not sure if this is what you wanted to hear, but, I had trouble with the 
RPM's ever successfully scanning the HDHR, and went to 20-fixes svn to 
get anything to scan....


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