[mythtv-users] Ahh - Evil xorg and modelines

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Mon Jun 18 08:41:50 UTC 2007


Good point Tom, it does seem strange that the log files say that the monitor
is capable of supporting the 1024x768 mode but then won't let us use it..
maybe there's some interplay between the monitor & X going on that it's not
telling us about...

Damian, yes the reason I said "_60" specifically is because the Nvidia
drivers seem to have this 60hz restriction, obviously we've tried to turn
that off but maybe it's not listening? So we go for 60hz as a first step...



On 16/06/07, Tom Lichti <tom at redpepperracing.com> wrote:
> Damian Surr wrote:
> > Sorry if it looks like I've just posted the same long log file 3 times.
> > That's not the case. I was responding to 3 different branches of the
> > thread. I can imagine it being annoying if it doesn't look like that,
> > but thought it better than starting entirely different threads.
> >
> I didn't scrutinize them close enough to see if they were the same.
> > To answer your questions, I have a BenQ W100 projector connected to my
> > computer via a DVI-D to DVI-D cable. The projector is 16/9 and the
> > native resolution is 854x480
> >
> > My manual indicated that 'supported timing for PC input' includes the
> > following resolutions .. 640x400 640x480 800x600 1024x768 1280x1024. It
> > also supports 480i 480p 576i 576p 720i 720p 1080i 1080p
> >
> I know, I downloaded the W100 manual to see what options there were.
> > Once I get any other resolution than 800x600 working on this projector,
> > then I can try a few resolutions to see what looks best. For the moment,
> > I thought it was best to stick with trying to get 1024x768 (I did try
> > modelines for all the other resolutions before deciding it was best to
> > focus on one first).
> >
> Have you tried a 480p modeline as suggested in the MythTV Wiki:
>       NVIDIA Driver ModePool
> The latest NVIDIA drivers <http://www.nvidia.com/object/unix.html> of
> both the 9xxx and 8xxx series have a standard ModePool format that can
> be used to easily create a screen mode without the need of a modeline.
> For the best results you will want to make sure you have the proper
> *HorizSync* and *VertRefresh* values in your Monitor subsection.
> The format is simple,
> /HorizontalResolution/*x*/VerticalResolution/*_*/frequency/
> So the following line in your Screen subsection for your TV,
>     Modes      "1920x1080_60" "1280x720_60" "720x480_60"
> would yield 1080p, 720p and 480p outputs
>     Modes      "1920x1080_60i"
> would yield 1080i output.
> These /*should*/ be compliant for DVI and component output on all TV's
> so its probably worth trying before playing around with EDID and custom
> modelines.
> > As for your question of 'what aspect ratio mode and application mode do
> > you have the projector set to?' then unless the information above
> > provides the information I do not know as I don't understand the
> > question. The projector settings themselves have been left pretty much
> > at default factory settings.
> >
> Your projector has settings for aspect ratio mode and application mode.
> I assumed you had read the manual to see what it can do. It may be that
> one of those settings is overriding what you are trying to do.
> Tom
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