[mythtv-users] IMDB has TV listings.

Christopher X. Candreva chris at westnet.com
Fri Jun 22 14:10:53 UTC 2007

On Fri, 22 Jun 2007, Jay R. Ashworth wrote:

> Both of them charge all of their customers, both of them charge based
> on what use the customer makes of the data, both of them would almost
> certainly increase the charge to anyone who wanted to let 200K of *us* 
> take the data, whether those people charged us, or not.

True, however if IMDB uses TMS for data, TMS might be willing to not 
increase their rates if it meant off-loading this problem to them. IMDB is 
also owned by Amazon, who could possibly might have a reason to absorb the 
cost if they though it worth PR.

I noticed IMDB add links to their own content from their listings - the 
entry for the show, board, photos, etc. If the Myth guide could follow those 
links, bring up the Muyth web browser -- and show their ads -- IMDB/Amazon 
might have an incentive to work with us on this.

It has been pointed out what is missing from IMDB local listings (mine were 
complete at least), so maybe it isn't worth it. However it doesn't hurt to 

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