[mythtv-users] Let's get our heads straight here on listings solutions

jedi at mishnet.org jedi at mishnet.org
Fri Jun 22 17:26:33 UTC 2007

> OK, I have watched for a few days and I had to chime in here.
> I'm going to be blunt and somewhat rude. No one take it personally. I'm
> not
> attacking anyone. I'm lending my expertise here. All I do all day is find
> solutions to problems like this. But I am seeing ideas being floated that
> we
> should not be wasting our time with. I am a very staunch supporter of the
> MythTV concept and I would like us to stay focused and solve this issue
> effectively.
> Recent suggestions that we begin a modern day version of a 'letter writing
> campaign" to all of the TV stations in the world to get listings posted
> for
> free is just patently silly. I was frankly stunned anyone took it
> seriously.


They're already giving it away for free. We're only asking them to
provide it in a slightly different format. This was what led to the
original Zap2it labs arrangement.

As far as changing the tide goes...

I suppose your right. No one would ever follow a freak from MIT
that never bathes or some kid from Helsinki that has an unhealthy
fixation with penguins.

...and no Fortune 500 CIO would let you run an Enterprise RDBMS
on software cobbled together from across the globe by dreamers,
hippies and potential competitors.

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