[mythtv-users] Decoding a UHF remote

Todd French toddfrench1 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 19:30:57 UTC 2007


I have the same dish boxes, I considered what you are talking about but
decided that it would be much easier to pay another $5 a month for a second
box.  I then use the TV2/UHF for other TV's like in the garage, and for a
roommates room.  However if I were to go about this what I would do is take
apart the remote, and just solder wires to the pads for the number buttons
and the select button, then you could use a serial/parallel relay/transitor
control app in linux.  I've implemented similar setups to control changing
stations on a radio before.


On 6/25/07, Jeremy Gillick <jeremymailing at gmail.com> wrote:
> I just recently got DishNetwork installed at my house.  The set top box
> that comes with it has an IR receiver for tuner 2, and a UHF remote receiver
> for tuner 1.  I've got my mythtv communicating with the IR tuner just fine
> but keep wondering how I can reverse engineer the UHF receiver.  I've never
> done something like this before, but it sounds like fun.  Does anybody know
> how I could start?
> Thanks,
> Jeremy
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