[mythtv-users] FW:HD TV's Slow Addoption

jedi at mishnet.org jedi at mishnet.org
Wed Jun 27 16:41:37 UTC 2007

> On 6/27/07, Dean Collins <Dean at cognation.net> wrote:
>> year as it normally would any other TV 'feature'.
>> An HD television is not going to make my DVD library look any better. I
> still have VHS tapes I pull out once in a while. Why spend a fortune on a
> big TV that will, in effect, make some of my content look a lot worse?

   A modern big TV won't be any worse than a big TV from a few years ago.
Although for some content it will be much better. I think that a lot of
people are just getting big sets in general and not really concerned with
the HD part. Although that does help DVD quality dramatically.

   This I think skews the "market penetration" numbers considerably.

   Want a big TV today? That pretty much means you're going to be lumped
into the "growing HD market".

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