[mythtv-users] "get the sources and fix it yourself"

Scott Sharkey ssharkey at linuxunlimited.com
Mon Oct 1 14:07:40 UTC 2007

Jay R. Ashworth wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 28, 2007 at 01:28:40PM -0400, Scott Sharkey wrote:
>>> For the record, i've given out a few hundred dollars worth of Amazon
>>> gift certificates (usually about $50) when someone spends a lot of
>>> time helping me pull my ass out of the fire. I mean i shudder to
>>> think of how much money M$ would have charged me for the same time
>>> with their (usually) crappy tech support.
>>> So far, it's never insulted anyone, they feel validated and i
>>> feel better then if i just said "thank you" and dissolved into
>>> ether[net].
>> That's actually a GREAT idea... I'm gonna steal it <grin>.
> So, Scott...
> anything you need help with today?  :-)

Sure!  I need to get a new car, and the house trim repainted, and the 
grass mown.

If you're willing to come to Ohio, I might be able to find something for 
you <grin>


> Cheers,
> -- jr 'will work for Amazon gift certificates' a

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