[mythtv-users] Video quality?

Mark Kendall mark.kendall at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 18:36:01 UTC 2007

On 10/1/07, Kevin Page <mythtv-users-list at krp.org.uk> wrote:
> Any hints? I also have a Dell - a 2407fpw. I've tried feeding it various
> modelines but it always auto-adjusts to 60Hz (whilst accepting the
> resolution). I'll dig out a VGA cable later and see if the 60Hz-only
> refresh is a DVI thing.

Mine is a 2007WFP. I'm not too sure if I still have the modeline. I
usually force it when tinkering with my playstation 3 - although, like
you, I've never been convinced that it fully accepts it. While
playback looks  as expected, the monitor still reports 60Hz. I also
have to manually switch the colour mode on the monitor

> > Your monitor is probably defaulting to 60Hz (most seem to) which will
> > never give you smooth playback of PAL material with Mythtv at the
> > moment.
> I'm intrigued (hopeful?) by "at the moment". Or is our only hope a
> deinterlacing algorithm incorporating framerate adaption as you
> describe?

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