[mythtv-users] Eagle Tech CA-EC2 htpc case: remote/display usable?

Todd mythtv at vbref.org
Tue Oct 2 22:26:54 UTC 2007

"Ozzy Lash" <ozzy.lash at gmail.com> writes:

> On 02 Oct 2007 16:28:50 -0500, Todd <mythtv at vbref.org> wrote:
> >
> > I'm curious if anyone else where got one of these dirt cheap home
> > theater cases from newegg.com when they were doing the $100 rebate?
> > If the rebate comes, it'll have been a $30 case.
> >         http://www.newegg.com/product/product.asp?item=N82E16811117048
> > They somehow appear to be ripoffs or illegally distributing software
> > that comes with these:
> >         http://www.mgecompany.com/ione/products_ec1.html
> >
> > At any rate, my question has to do with the remote and on screen
> > display that comes with the case.  Anyone tackled those?  I'm just now
> > getting around to thinking about them now that my basic system is
> > happy.
> I bought one, and have been able to get the LCD and the remote to
> work.


> The LCD was fairly simple.  In the BIOS I set the parallel port
> to ECP + EPP.  I installed  LCDproc and configured /etc/LCDd.conf fr
> the hd44780 using the winamp connection type with a size of 20x2.  If
> you want I can send you my config.

I'm gonna have to buy a parallel card to play with it as my mobo was
selected before the case, and lacks a parallel port.  

> The remote shows up as an IR keyboard and IR mouse combo.  The
> direction arrows, number buttons and a few others come in as keyboard
> events, and just worked for me. 


> I noticed that the usb identifier showed that this was a Holtek
> remote ir-keyboard and mouse combo, and I searched for that and
> found:
> http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Snapstream_firefly_mini
> Setting lirc up to listen to the mouse event device and setting up the
> lircd.conf to the same values as the firefly mini got other keys to
> work (although I think some of the keys had a different purpose).  I
> did a more exhaustive search of codes near the same values, and came
> up with the following lircd.conf for the remote: (the remote has
> "ione" printed on it, so that is what I titled it)
> begin remote
>         name ione
>         bits 32
>         begin codes
>                 CLOSE                0x100ce
>                 MUTE                 0x10071
>                 VOLUMEDOWN           0x10072
>                 VOLUMEUP             0x10073
>                 CHANNELUP            0x10192
>                 CHANNELDOWN          0x10193
>                 LAST                 0x10195
>                 BACK                 0x1009e
>                 PROPS                0x10082
>                 PVR                  0x1016e
>                 MENU                 0x1008b
>                 RECORD               0x100a7
>                 CALENDAR             0x1018d
>                 STOPCD               0x100a6
>                 PREVIOUSSONG         0x100a5
>                 PLAY                 0x100cf
>                 NEXTSONG             0x100a3
>                 REWIND               0x100a8
>                 PAUSE                0x10077
>                 FASTFORWARD          0x100d0
>                 POWER           0x1008e
>                 PHOTO           0x100e2
>                 PLAYPAUSE       0x100a4
>                 TV              0x10179
>                 VIDEO           0x10189
>                 MUSIC           0x10187
>                 MENU            0x1019a
>                 RADIO           0x10182
>                 GUIDE           0x1016a
>         end codes
> end remote
> I was hoping that the ir receiver would be more universal so that I
> could use a different remote with it, but it appears to only
> understand codes from the provided remote.

Bill, this gives me hope.   Thanks so much.   

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