[mythtv-users] HDTV recording and multiple tvs

Jeff Meeks jmeeks at permacrete.com
Wed Oct 3 15:32:10 UTC 2007

Hi all,

            I am curious about the MythTV setup. I have an interested
client that currently has 4 direct tv / tivo HD receivers that are
beginning to fail and asked about "something different".

He currently has his whole house wired with ir receivers that connect to
ir blasters. He can watch any of the receivers from any of the
televisions in the house by choosing which receiver from the remote that
is programmed for that TV. (Oh, he is using a sony lcd remote).

            He is installing a new HDTV in his media room and would like
to record HD programming as well as SD for his other TVs. 

            My questions are:


Can MythTV record as many as 4 shows one of which may be HD.?

What about playback or recording and watching the same show?

Do I need a frontend for each TV, or could we have one big backend with
multiple tuners that could be controlled with remotes?





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