[mythtv-users] Using both SD and EIT?

j. berger qazzeryd at gmail.com
Fri Oct 5 04:13:46 UTC 2007

Anthony Messina wrote:
> On Wednesday 03 October 2007 10:13:10 am Michael T. Dean wrote:
>> On 10/03/2007 11:07 AM, Anthony Messina wrote:
>>> On Tuesday 02 October 2007 10:22:50 am Mailing Lists wrote:
>>>> Does anyone have a howto or can provide direction on how to integrate
>>>> both SD and some EIT data?  I'm thinking I want EIT for some stations
>>>> while SD for most of it since its more complete.
>>> you enable the EIT scanning for the input source in the mythtv-setup,
>>> then you can either use mythtv-setup or mythweb to edit each channel for
>>> which you want EIT data gathered.
>> Though there are still issues with the code (which wasn't designed to
>> support using both EIT and a grabber on the same video source).  I.e.
>> you may lose EIT data every time mythfilldatabase runs or ...  (Oh,
>> and--though you're not considering it--I feel I should remind readers
>> that using EIT and a grabber on the same /channel/ is definitely not a
>> good idea.)
>> As you find issues, feel free to patch them and submit the patches.
> right, that's what i found as well: the sd data gets overwritten with eit and 
> vice versa.  if i really want just eit data only, after using sd to get the 
> channel config into the db, i then delete the channel from my sd lineup.
I am interested in using EIT data to get more accurate start and  end 
times for ABC programs that seem to be always off a few minutes.  Just  
yesterday,  I  had scheduled 'Private Practice' and my recording is 
missing the last few minutes.  If the EIT scanner ran some time between 
mythfilldatabase and the start of the program would this not provide 
more accurate start and end times?  Assuming my ABC affiliate does a 
better job updating their own data than SD data.

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