[mythtv-users] Thoughts - Master Backend versus 2 FE/BE

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Mon Oct 8 14:50:06 UTC 2007

Mike Geisterfer wrote:
> People,   what are your thoughts of running 2 FE and 1 BE versus 2 FE/BE.
> I have 2 MythBox's - Ones mine (in the pit) and the other is my 
> wife's (in the family room).
> We presently run them as 2 standalone units. Are there any advantages 
> to run them as 2 FEs and use one machine as a backend.

The advantages would be less load on SD and the net, and increased ease
of sharing recordings and other media.

The disadvantage would be if you are both making multiple recordings or
doing other tasks the B/E would have to be beefier to handle it.

> My wife's machine is wireless (G), and I'm not sure if it can handle 
> SD content reliably.

802.11G should be able to handle SD, if the signal is good, there's no
interference and not much other traffic. I've done it with 2 SD streams
over a 30 foot path with no problems.

> Secondly, is there a way to use 1 database for channel listings or 
> does that just get too complicated. (trying to minimize traffic on SD.org)

Sure, that's basically what a master B/E does.


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