[mythtv-users] Semi-OT: Blocking Brute Force SSH attacks

Larry Sanderson larry.sanderson at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 17:22:53 UTC 2007

On Friday 19 October 2007 12:50:37 pm Jay R. Ashworth wrote:
> If you've tunneled SSH traffic through to your Mythbox, you're likely
> the target of brute-force SSH attacks, some of which might well work.
> The most elegant solution I've found so far is here:
> 	http://www.la-samhna.de/library/brutessh.html#5
> This won't block attacks that "know" about a specific bug in your
> sshd, so you need to stay updated, but for the dictionary attacks it
> will work nicely, and it'll sure keep your logs from growing without
> bounds...

Thanks Jay - I've been meaning to find something like this, but it just 
hasn't been a priority.  You just made my life a bit easier!

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