[mythtv-users] Jumping forward and back with internal player vs auto AC3 detect in mplayer

Marc MERLIN marc_mtv at merlins.org
Fri Oct 26 00:40:12 UTC 2007

I have both the internal player working with mythtv 0.20, as well as

I like the internal player because it can auto detect that a file has AC3
sound and output 5.1 on my SPDIF connection.
However, the fast forward and rewind sucks, whether I enable sticky keys, or
not. I get bits of sound that are not even close to the picture being shown,
and the jumps are just very slow, jittery, and unusable to go back any
number of seconds.

Compare with mplayer where I have 3 rewind/FF configured: 10 sec, 1mn, 10mn
and it jumps precisely for each key press, no frills, no hesitation, it just
But, I can only get mplayer to play AC3 sound if I give it -ac hwac3, which
of course I can't give for other video files.
So, I need to run mplayer from the command line, and can't set the option in
the mythtv external player config line.

So, do you know how to fix either of the problems:
1) making ff/rewind not suck in the internal player
2) making mplayer autodetect AC3?

I'm using an nvidia card for output with opengl syncing on if that
makes a difference

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