[mythtv-users] Suspect video card inadequate -- confirm?

Sean Goodpasture goofygrin at gmail.com
Sat Oct 27 13:27:27 UTC 2007

On 10/26/07, Craig Huff <huffcslists at gmail.com> wrote:
> It seems my disk drive was the victim, not the perpetrator.  I rebuilt my
> FE
> with MythDora on another disk drive and it started crashing again (screen
> corruption and subsequent system lockups).
> I had to send back my FE motherboard for a warranty replacement, so I'll
> be watching shows on the 17" vga monitor until it gets back, unless...
> Dr. Frankenstein (me) got the bright idea that I have an old Gigabyte
> GA7-DX motherboard with an Athlon 2600 cpu, a mini-tower case and
> a spare power supply (with a noisy fan) laying around.  I thought I'd put
> them all together with 512MB of PC2100 ram and a "retired, but working"
> 10GB Quantum PATA drive and the original Nvidia 2MX AGP 4x video
> card with S-Video support.
> I got it all working and loaded MythDora 4 using the DVD drive from the
> "brainless" FE system using the default partitioning.  But...
> When I go into the recordings listing, it takes an interminable time to
> respond to the next command, even from the keyboard I still have
> attached.  I noticed that the preview for the currently selected recording
> doesn't show and if I try to watch the recordings, I get a black screen
> for something like 30 - 60 seconds (maybe more) and then I'm back in the
> recordings menu.
> So, is my supposition correct that, while the rest of the system is
> probably
> ok for watching SD over S-Video, I need to get a newer video card?  If so,
> I'm thinking I should go for a PCI card rather than an AGP card, for
> future
> flexibility.  Is a PCI GeForce FX 5200 with 128MB good enough?  Should I
> go up to a 256MB GeForce 6200?
> OT1H, I may just keep my $$ and wait for the motherboard (or more likely
> its replacement) to come back from the surgeon and OTOH, I kinda like the
> idea of having another FE.
> What do you folks advise, as far as whether the AGP card is inadequate to
> the task and if so, why the 5200 or the 6200 is the better replacement?
> Craig.
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If you're asking whether a regular PCI card is better than an AGP card, it's
the other way around.  AGP is better than PCI (until you get to
PCI-Express/PCI-E).  Here's a wiki on PCI-e:

Realistically a 5200 or a 6200 is powerful enough for HD assuming your
computer has enough horsepower.  The 5200 will also be able to do colored
XvMC OSD as well as an added benefit.

If you're not getting the preview and it's taking a while to get the scan of
the videos, then I think you've got something else going on on your
backend.  I had this problem when my backend had lost it's link to the
remote drive where I store videos...

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